EASA Part 66 B1.1/B2 Full Study Set


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EASA Part 66 Complete Set of 14 Books:

  • The Program in this Book is developed as appropriate for use within a typical 2 year 2400 hour Part 66/147 program.
  • This set includes each of the B1.1 and B2 books currently available, thus allowing you to order a full collection at a discounted price without receiving duplicates of those modules common to both B1.1 and B2
  • This is the stady set of 14 modules required for B1.1 & B2 Airplane and Turbine certification with  discounted package price.
  • Instructor Services:
    For schools considering the adoption of ATB modules as your primary student notes, we offer various additional services including projectable image banks, examination question databases, and generous additional support for instructors and your requirements for competent authorities.

This Package include:

  1. EASA Module 01 B1/B2 Mathematics: $28.95;
  2. EASA Module 02 B1 Physics: $28.95;
  3. EASA Module 03 B1/B2 lectrical Fundamentals: $32.95;
  4. EASA Module 04 B2 Electronic Fundamentals: $28.95;
  5. EASA Module 05 B2 Digital Techniques: $32.95;
  6. EASA Module 06 B1 Materials and Hardware: $49.95;
  7. EASA Module 07A B1 Maintenance Practices: $74.95;
  8. EASA Module 08 B1/B2 Basic Aerodynamics: $28.95;
  9. EASA Module 09A B1/B2 Human Factors: $32.95;
  10. EASA Module 10 B1/B2 Aviation Legislation: $32.95;
  11. EASA Module 11A B1 Turbine Aeroplane Structures and Systems: $99.95;
  12. EASA Module 13 B2 Aircraft Structures and Systems: $ 109.95;
  13. EASA Module 15 B1 Gas Turbinengines: $49.95;
  14. EASA Module 17A B1 Propellers: $32.95;
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