General Familiarization Manuals

NOTE: The certification package is purchased separately from the manuals. Manual purchasers may upgrade and add the certification package at any time. Those wishing to enroll in the certification program must purchase both a set of manuals (your choice of print or eBook) and the certification tuition.

Available for Boeing 737, 737NG, 747, 747-400, 757, 767, 777, MD-80, CRJ 700/900 aircraft, and an engine supplement for 747-400 CF6-80 powerplants. General Familiarization Manuals are study guides cover a general approach to the mechanical and electromechanical systems of each aircraft. They are great tools for aircraft review, new hires, pre-requisite training, and preparations for systems level classes which will benefit students, technicians, teachers, MRO training departments, and airlines alike.

Each manual covers an overview of the mechanical systems, including description and operation, controls and indications, component locations, and servicing. AeroEd manuals follow ATA 100 format and ATA 104 Level requirements.

GenFam certification packages can conducted by AeroEd. ( The package includes a series of tests for each chapter taken by email and a final exam in the same way. Upon successful completion of the final exam, an FAA accredited GenFam certificate is issued for that aircraft. An AeroEd instructor is available to all participants to answer any questions or explain any system which you find unclear. chapter tests may be taken on your schedule as you feel you are ready for each. There is no time limit between chapter tests or prior to the final exam.

AeroEd General Familiarization certification is accredited by FAA through the FAAST and WINGS programs. AMT Awards credits are also granted to all those completing the final exam. To learn more about this process, go to:; enter AeroEd in the keywords box, choose AMT in program type, and search.

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