EASA Part 66 Module 9 Human Factors

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EASA Part 66 Module 9 Human Factors:

  • This Book is fully compliant to EASA Part 66 requirement for aircraft maintenance Category A license.
  • This content meets all FAA standards as presented in H-8083-30 and H-8083-30-ATB

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to Human Factors
  2. Human Performance and Limitations
    A) vision
    B) hearing
    C) information processing
    E) attention and perception
    F) memory
    G) claustrophobia and physical access
  3. Social Psychology
    A) responsibility: individual and group
    B) motivation and demotivation
    C) peer pressure
    D) “culture” issues
    E) team working
    F) management, supervision, and leadership
  4. Factors Affecting Physical Performance
    A) fitness and health
    B) stress: domestic and work related
    C) Time pressure and deadlines
    D) workload; overload and underload
    E) sleep, fatigue, and shiftwork
    F) alcohol, medication and drug abuse
  5. Physical Environment
    A) noise and fumes
    B) illumination
    C) climate and temperature
    D) motion and vibration
    E) working environment
  6. Tasks
    A) physical work
    B) repetitive tasks
    C) visual inspection
    D) complex systems
  7. Communication
    A) within and between teams
    B) work logging and recording
    C) keeping up to date, currency
    D) dissemination of information
  8. Human Error
    A) error models and theories
    B) types of error in maintenance tasks
    C) implications of errors (i.e. accidents)
    D) avoiding and managing errors
  9. Hazards in the Workplace
    A) recognizing and avoiding hazards
    B) dealing with emergencies
  10. Sample MEDA Decision Aid Results Form
    A) Instructions for Completing a MEDA Form

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This is a great book for anyone studying for their EASA exams. Very well written with excellent explanations to any questions you might have on the particular subject.
- mik

Is second edition differ from the first edition ?
- WangXin

Every aircraft mechanics toolbox should have one of these. Great for a quick look up of standard torque tables, unit conversions, bend allowance, torque wrench deviation equations, voltage drops, and more.
- Lorenzo Marelli
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