Aircraft Communication Systems and Navigation Systems

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 Aircraft Communication and Navigation

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Digital Techniques, Electronic Instrument Systems (5584 Questions)

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Chapter 01: Aircraft Structures (70 pages),
Chapter 02: Aerodynamics, Aircraft Assembly, and Rigging (70 pages),
Chapter 03: Aircraft Fabric Covering ( 24 pages),
Chapter 04: Aircraft Metal Structural Repair ( 114pages),
Chapter 05: Aircraft Welding ( 38 pages),
Chapter 06: Aircraft Wood and Structural Repair ( 28 pages),
Chapter 07: Advanced Composite Material ( 58 pages),
Chapter 08: Aircraft Painting and Finishing ( 22 pages),
Chapter 09: Aircraft Electrical System ( 106 pages),
Chapter 10: Aircraft Instrument Systems (86pages),
Chapter 11: Communication and Navigation (78 pages),
Chapter 12: Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power Systems (54 pages),
Chapter 13: Aircraft Landing Gear Systems (96 pages),
Chapter 14: Aircraft Fuel System (62 pages),
Chapter 15: Ice and Rain Protection (32 pages),
Chapter 16: Cabin Environmental Control Systems (62 pages),
Chapter 17: Fire Protection Systems (22 pages),


Aircraft Communication Systems

aircraft navigation systems Avionics is a conjunction of the words aviation and Communication and Navigation electronics. It is used to describe the electronic equipment found in modern aircraft. The term “avionics” was not Communication and Navigation used until the 1970s. For many years, aircraft had electrical devices, but true solid-state electronic devices were only introduced in large numbers in the 1960s.
Airframe and engine maintenance is required on all aircraft  and is not likely to ever go away aircraft communication system aircraft navigation systems.

Aircraft instrument maintenance and repair also has an inevitable part in aviation maintenance. The increased use of avionics in aircraft  Communication and Navigation over the past 50 years has increased the role of avionics maintenance in aviation. However, modern, solid-state,  digital avionics are highly reliable. Mean times between Communication and Navigation failures are high, and maintenance rates of avionics systems  compared to mechanical systems are likely to be lower.
The first decade of avionics proliferation saw a greater increase in the percent of cost of avionics compared to the overall cost of an aircraft. In some military aircraft with  highly refined navigation, weapons targeting, and monitoring Communication and Navigation systems, it hit a high estimate of 80 percent of the total cost of the aircraft. Currently, the ratio of the cost of avionics to the C cost of the total aircraft is beginning to decline.

Aircraft Navigation Systems

This is due to advances in digital electronics and numerous manufacturers  offering highly refined instrumentation, communication, and navigation systems that can be fitted to nearly any aircraft.
New aircraft of all sizes are manufactured with digital glass  cockpits, and many owners of older aircraft are retrofitting  digital avionics to replace analogue instrumentation and radio  navigation equipment.
The airframe and powerplant (A&P) maintenance technician Communication and Navigation needs to be familiar with the general workings of various  avionics. Maintenance of the actual avionics devices is often reserved for the avionics manufacturers or certified repair Communication and Navigation stations.

Aircraft Communication Systems

However, aircraft communication system the installation and proper operation of these devices and systems remains the responsibility of the field technician. This chapter discusses some   internal components used in avionics devices. It also discusses a wide  range of common aids found on aircraft. The breadth of avionics is so wide that discussion of all avionics devices is not possible.

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