EASA Part 66 Module 4 pdf

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EASA PART 66 Module 4 PDF.

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Module 4: Electronic Fundamentals

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Easa part 66 module 4 book Content:

Diodes; diode symbols, characteristics and properties, diodes in series and parallel; characteristics and use of silicon controlled rectifiers (thyristors), light emitting diodes, photo conductive diodes, varistors, rectifier diodes; functional testing of diodes.
Transistor symbols, descriptions, characteristics, properties and orientation.
Integrated circuits; description and operation of logic and linear circuits

Printed Circuit Boards
Description and use of printed circuit boards.

Open and closed loop systems, feedback, follow up, analogue transducers.
Principles of operation and use the following synchro system components/features: resolvers, differential, control and torque, transformers, inductance and capacitance transmitters easa part 66 module 4 pdf.

radio waves, transmitters and receivers, antennas, automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B)

Radio Communication
ELT and ADS-B easa part 66 module 4 pdf

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