EASA Part 66 Module 2 PDF

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Easa part 66 module 2 PDF.

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EASA Part 66 Module 2  PDF Book Content:

the nature of matter; the chemical elements; structure of atoms, molecules; chemical compounds; solid, liquid, gaseous states; changes between states.

statics; forces, moments and couples, representation as vectors; center of gravity; theory of stress, strain, and elasticity; tension, compression, shear and torsion; nature and properties of solids, fluid, and gas; pressure and buoyancy in liquids (barometers.

linear movement; uniform motion in a straight line and under acceleration; rotational movement; centrifugal and centripetal force; periodic motion and pendular movement; theory of vibration, harmonics, and resonance; velocity ratio; mechanical advantage and efficiency.

force, inertia, work, power, energy, and heat efficiency; momentum; impulse; gyroscopic principles; friction and rolling resistance.

Fluid Dynamics
specific gravity and density; viscosity; effects of streamlining; effects of compressibility on fluids; static, dynamic and total pressure; Beroulli’s Theorem and venture.

temperature; thermometers and temperature scale; heat definition; heat capacity and specific heat; heat transfer, convection, radiation and conduction; volumetric expansion; 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics; gases, specific heat at constant volume and pressure, work done by expanding gas; isothermal, adiabatic expansion and compression; refrigerators and heat pumps; latent heat of fusion and evaporation; thermal energy, heat of combustion.

the nature of light; speed of light; laws of reflection and refraction; plane surfaces, spherical mirrors, refraction and lenses; fiber optics.

Wave Motion and Sound
wave motion; mechanical waves, sinusoidal waves, interference phenomena, and standing waves; sound, speed of sound, production of sound, intensity and pitch quality; Doppler effect easa part 66 module 2 pdf.

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