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EASA Part 66 Module 13

Aircraft Structure and Systems.

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Module 13: Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems

Easa part 66 discussion Module 13: Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems

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EASA PART 66 Module 13 pdf :

13.1 Theory of Flight
airplane aerodynamics and flight controls; high speed flight; rotary wing aerodynamics.

13.2 Structures – General Concepts
fundamentals of structural systems; zonal and station identification systems; electrical bonding, lightening strike protection.

13.3 Autoflight; ATA 52-57
fundamentals of automatic flight controls; command signal processing; modes of operation; yaw dampeners; stability augmentation systems; automatic trim control; autopilot navigation aid interface; autothrottle control; automatic landing systems.

13.4 Communication & Navigation; ATA 23/24
working principles of the following systems:
very high frequency (VHF) communications
high frequency (HF) communications
emergency locator transmitters
cockpit voice recorder
very high frequency omnidirectional range (VOR)
automatic direction finding (ADF)
instrument landing system (ILS)
microwave landing system (MLS)
flight director systems
distance measuring equipment (DME)
very low frequency and hyperbolic navigation (VLF/Omega)
Doppler navigation
area navigation, RNAV systems
flight management systems
global positioning systems (GPS)
global navigation satellite systems (GNSS)
inertial navigation systems
air traffic control transponder, secondary surveillance radar
traffic alert and collision avoidance systems (TCAS)
weather avoidance radar
radio altimeter
ARINC communication and reporting
13.5 Electrical Power; ATA 24
Batteries; DC and AC power generation; emergency power generation; voltage regulation; power distribution; inverters, transformers, rectifiers; circuit protection; external ground power.

13.6 Equipment and Furnishings; ATA 25
emergency equipment requirements; cabin entertainment

13.7 Flight Controls; ATA 27
Primary controls – aileron, elevator, rudder, spoiler; trim control; active load control; high lift devices; lift dump and speed brakes; system operation – manual, hydraulic, pneumatic, artificial feel – yaw damper, Mach trim, rudder limiter, gust lock systems; stall protection; system operation – electrical fly-by-wire.

13.8 Instruments; ATA 31 
pressure measuring devices and systems
pitot-static systems
vertical speed indicators
airspeed indicators
altitude reporting and alert systems
air data computers
instrument pneumatic systems
direct reading pressure and temperature gauges
temperature indicating systems
fuel quantity indicating systems
gyroscopic principles
artificial horizon
slip indicators
directional gyros
ground proximity warning systems
compass systems
flight data recording systems
electronic flight instruments
instrument warning systems and centralized warning panels
stall warning and angle of attack indicating systems
vibration measurement and indication
glass cockpit

13.9 Lights; ATA 33
external navigation, anti-collision, landing, taxiing, ice; internal cabin, cockpit, cargo; emergency.

13.10 On Board Maintenance System; ATA 45
central maintenance computers, data loading system; electronic library system; printing; structure monitoring.

13.11 Air Conditioning and Cabin Pressurization; ATA 21
air supply; air conditioning; pressurization; cabin pressure controllers; safety and warning devices.

13.12 Fire Protection; ATA 26
fire and smoke detection and warning systems; fire extinguishing systems; system tests; portable fire extinguishers.

13.13 Fuel Systems; ATA 28
system layout; fuel tanks; supply systems; dumping, venting, draining; cross feed and transfer; indications and warning; refueling and defueling; longitudinal balance.

13.14 Hydraulic Power; ATA 29
system layout; hydraulic fluids; reservoirs and accumulators; pressure generation; emergency pressure generation; filters; pressure control; power distribution; indication systems; interface with other systems.

13.15 Ice and Rain Protection; ATA 30
ice formation, classification and detection; anti-icing systems – electrical, hot air, and chemical; de-icing systems,- electrical, hot air, pneumatic, chemical; rain repellent; probe and drain heating; wiper systems.

13.16 Landing Gear; ATA 32
construction; shock absorbing; extension and retraction systems; indications and warning; wheels, brakes, antiskid, and autobraking; tires; steering; air-ground sensing.

13.17 Oxygen; ATA 35
system layout – cockpit and cabin; sources, storage, charging, and distribution; supply regulation; indication and warning.

13.18 Pneumatic/Vacuum; ATA 36
system layout; sources – engine/APU, compressors, reservoirs, ground supply; pressure control; distribution; indications and warning; interface with other systems.

13.19 Water/Waste; ATA 38
system layout, supply, distribution, servicing and draining; toilet system layout, flushing and servicing.

13.20 Integrated Modular Avionics; ATA 42
integrated modular avionic (IMA) modules including bleed management, air pressure control, ventilation control, avionics and cockpit ventilation, temperature control, air traffic communications, avionics communication router, electrical load management, circuit breaker monitoring, electrical system BITE, fuel management, braking control, steering control, oleo pressure, gear retraction, etc; tire pressure indication, brake temperature monitoring, core system network components.

13.21 Cabin Systems; ATA 44
intercommunication data system, cabin network system, cabin core systems; in-flight entertainment; external communications; cabin mass memory system; cabin monitoring systems; miscellaneous cabin systems easa part 66 module 13 pdf.

13.22 Information Systems; ATA 46
aircraft general information system; flight deck information system; maintenance information system; cabin information system; miscellaneous information systems.

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