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Module 8 Sample Exam.

The following Quiz contains  40 questions during 30 min.

Part 66 module 8 Questions Bank

Category A   – Basic Aerodynamics Exams ( 20 questions 25 min),
Category B1 – Basic Aerodynamics Exams ( 20 questions 25 min),
Category B2 – Basic Aerodynamics Exams ( 20 questions 25 min),
Category B3 – Basic Aerodynamics Exams ( 20 questions 25 min),

EASA PART 66 Academy designate for aerodynamics exam questions three topics that are directly related to the manufacture, operation, and repair of aircraft are: aerodynamics, aircraft assembly, and rigging. Each of these subject are as, though studied separately, eventually connect to provide a scientific and physical understanding of how an aircraft is prepared for flight. A logical place to start with these three topics is the study of basic aerodynamics. By studying aerodynamics, a person becomes familiar with the fundamentals of aircraft flight.

Aerodynamics is the study of the dynamics of gases. The interaction between a moving object and the atmosphere is the primary interest in this module of aerodynamics exam questions. The movement of an object and its reaction to the air flow around it can be seen when watching water passing the bow of a ship. The major difference between water and air is that air is compressible and water is incompressible. EASA PART 66 Academy provide aerodynamics exam questions material (questions and books). This module includes an examination of module 08 aerodynamics exam questions.

Even though a technician may never fly in an aircraft, the aircraft upon which he or she works conforms to the rules of aerodynamics and it is the technician’s responsibility to ensure it does so at all times. Very subtle changes to the physical structure of the aircraft can cause dramatic changes in flight characteristics. The EASA certified maintenance professional must be familiar with the basic aspects of aerodynamics to exercise the best judgment of aircraft airworthiness and aerodynamic functioning.

EASA PART 66 Module 8 aerodynamics exam questions contains four sub-modules:

sub-modules 01: Physics of the Atmosphere, International Standard Atmosphere (ISA), application to aerodynamics.

Sub-Module 02 – Aerodynamics : Airflow around a body; Boundary layer, laminar and turbulent flow, free stream flow, relative airflow, up wash and down wash, vortices, stagnation; The terms: camber, chord, mean aerodynamic chord, profile (parasite) drag, induced drag, centre of pressure, angle of attack, wash in and wash out, fineness ratio, wing shape and aspect ratio; Thrust, Weight, Aerodynamic Resultant; Generation of Lift and Drag: Angle of Attack, Lift coefficient, Drag coefficient, polar curve, stall; Aerofoil contamination including ice, snow, frost.

For the sub-Module 03 witch name Theory of Flight, it’s containing Relationship between lift, weight, thrust and drag; Glide ratio; Steady state flights, performance; Theory of the turn; Influence of load factor: stall, flight envelope and structural limitations; Lift augmentation.

For the Sub-Module 04, it’s containing also Flight Stability and Dynamics Longitudinal, lateral and directional stability (active and passive).

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