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Sample Questions.

The following Quiz contain  35 questions during 30 min.

Easa Part 66 Module 1 Questions

Category A   –  Mathematics Exams ( 16 questions 20 min),
Category B1 –  Mathematics Exams ( 32 questions 40 min),
Category B2 –  Mathematics Exams ( 32 questions 40 min),
Category B3  –  Mathematics Exams ( 28 questions 35 min) ,

EASA PART 66 Academy provide all necessary martials for preparation of module 01 both easa part 66 mathematics questions and easa part 66 mathematics pdf books. This module is mandatory for A1 Airplane Turbine, B1.1 Airplane Turbine, B1.2 Airplane Piston, B1.3 Helicopter Turbine and for B2 Avionics.
Mathematics exam questions contain trees Sub-Modules:

Sub-Module 01 –Easa part 66 mathematics questions Arithmetic: contain also Arithmetical terms and signs, methods of multiplication and division, fractions and decimals, factors and multiples, weights, measures and conversion (ratio and proportion, averages and percentages, areas and volumes, squares, cubes, square and cube roots.

Sub-Module 02 – Mathematics exam questions Algebra Evaluating simple algebra expressions, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, use of brackets, simple algebraic fractions; Linear equations and their solutions; Indices and powers, negative and fractional indices; Binary and other applicable numbering systems; Simultaneous equations and second-degree equations with one unknown; Logarithms.

For Sub-Module-03, EASA PART 66 Academy provide best explanation for EASA PART 66 mathematics questions Geometry with Simple geometrical constructions, Graphical representation; nature and uses of graphs, graphs of equations/functions and Simple trigonometry; trigonometrical relationships, rectangular and polar coordinates. All of this content available as easa part-66 pdf download, based on easa part 66 syllabus and regulations. Arithmetic in Aviation Maintenance is the branch of mathematics dealing with the properties and manipulation of numbers.

Performing arithmetic calculations with success requires an understanding of the correct methods and procedures. Arithmetic may be thought of as a set of tools. The aviation maintenance professional will need these tools to successfully complete the maintenance, repair, installation, or certification of aircraft equipment. Thus, easa part 66 mathematics questions Arithmetic is the basis for all aspects of mathematics. Math is used in measuring and calculating service ability of close tolerance engine components, when calculating the weight and balance for the installation of new avionics and more.

A sound knowledge and manipulation of mathematic principles is used on a regular basis during nearly all aspects of aircraft maintenance. The level to which an aviation maintenance student is required to have knowledge of arithmetic is listed on mathematics exam questions page, according to the certification being sought. A description of the applicable knowledge levels is presented and will be included at the beginning of each sub-module in the module.


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