EASA Part 66 Module 16 PDF

EASA Part 66 Module 16 pdf.

Piston Engines for Level B1.2 and B1.4.

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easa part 66 module 16 pdf
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easa part 66 module 16 pdf
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Module 16: Piston Engine

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EASA PART 66 Module 16 PDF  Content:

16.1 Fundamentals
mechanical, thermal, and volumetric efficiencies; operating principles of 2 stroke, 4 stroke, Otto, and diesel; piston displacement and compression ratio; engine configuration and firing order.

16.2 Engine Performance
power calculation and measurement; factors affecting power; mixtures, leaning, and pre-ignition.

16.3 Engine Construction
crankcase, crankshaft, camshaft, sumps; accessory gearbox; cylinder and piston assemblies; connecting rods, inlet and exhaust manifolds; valve mechanisms; propeller reduction gearbox.

16.4 Fuel Systems
Carburetor types, construction, principles of operation, icing and heating; Fuel injection types, construction, principles of operation; Electronic Engine Control operation and fuel metering systems including FADEC.

16.5 Starting and Ignition Systems
starting systems, preheat systems; magneto types, construction, and principles of operation; ignition harnesses and spark plugs; low and high tension systems.

16.6 Induction, Exhaust, and Cooling Systems
construction and operation of induction and alternate air systems; exhaust systems; liquid and air cooling systems.

16.7 Supercharging/Turbocharging
principles and purpose of supercharging; construction and operation of super and turbocharging systems; control systems; system protection.

16.8 Lubricants and Fuels
properties and specifications; fuel additives; safety precautions. easa part 66 module 16 pdf

16.9 Lubrication System
system operation and layout of components.

16.10 Engine Indication System
engine speed; cylinder head temperature; coolant temperature; oil pressure and temperature; exhaust gas temperature; fuel pressure and flow; manifold pressure easa part 66 module 16 pdf.

16.11 Powerplant Installation
configuration of firewalls, cowlings, acoustic panels, engine mints, anti-vibration mounts, hoses, pipes, feeders, connectors, wiring looms, control cables and rods, lifting points, and drains.

16.13 Engine Storage and Preservation
preservation and depreservation for the engine and accessories/systems easa part 66 module 16 pdf.

16.14 Light Sport Aircraft Engines
(this chapter is not EASA required, but placed here for the benefit of FAA A&P students for whom it is a testable subject)description operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of LSA including 2 and 4 stroke Rotax, plus Jabiru, HKS, and Volkswagen based models easa part 66 module 16 pdf. Read more

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