Last updated on November 4th, 2023 at 06:43 am

ATB EASA Modules are in a constant state of review regarding quality, regulatory updates, and new technologies. We identify 3 types of updates and/or revisions.To receive a notification when any of these types of revisions occur, please Join Our Mailing List at the bottom of this page.

Minor Revisions

Identified by a decimal to the edition number.
Example: 001 becomes 001.1

A clarification or small change typically encompassing a few pages. Pages with minor revisions are provided below for you to download and/or print. These updates will remain available for 2 years from cited publication date. Please subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when these revisions occur.

Regulatory Updates

Identified by a whole number edition.
Example: 002 becomes 003

A revision dictated by an EASA rule change.

  • Part 147 Students: Your instructor will be notified of this update and arrangements will be made through your school to provide affected students with an eBook replacement module.
  • Non Part 147 Students: A notice will be sent to all mailing list subscribers. If your purchase was within two years of the regulatory change, you may request a coupon for an eBook replacement within two weeks of new version publication date.
New Editons

Identified by a whole number edition.
Example: 004 becomes 005

A Module or Submodule rewrite not required by regulation, like technology enhancements. The previous edition remains valid and within all regulatory guidelines. An email notice will be sent describing this update along with an opportunity to purchase the new version.